Pre-screening unit

Pre-screening unit

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The Pre-Screening Unit is designed to execute a first screening and thus remove the bigger pieces of material before they are processed on a screening or mixing line. It comprises a hopper section with a conveyor, a vibrating screen box equipped with self-cleaning Grizzly™ fingers, and a collection conveyor. Material is fed into the hopper and transported to the screener. The larger pieces of material float on top of the fingers, and then fall down the chute at the end of the screener to form a reject stockpile. The smaller pieces pass through the screen, are collected by a conveyor, and can then be processed.

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Dump-and-run set-up (no gradual feeding required)

Self-cleaning Grizzly™ fingers

Heavy-duty frame

20-HP (15-kW) electric motor for screen box

Shaft-driven PTO (more reliable and less maintenance than belt/pulley drive system)

Can be fed directly by a loader

Compact unit

Includes safety guards that comply with the most stringent regulations (OSHA,CSA,CE)


Rotation detector

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