Star screener

Star screener

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The Star Screener is a screening machine designed to process organic materials of various moisture contents. It is made of rubber or plastic stars mounted on rapidly rotating shafts. The special shape of the stars allows fine materials to fall through the screen, and onto a collection conveyor or to create a stockpile. Larger pieces of material float on top of the stars and fall at the end of the screen to form a reject stockpile or to be collected by complementary equipment.

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High production capacity with a small footprint

Adjustable star rotation speed allowing for quick and easy size distribution change

Easy access to stars for maintenance operations

Enclosed design with easily accessible covers for effective dust control

Single-chain or multiple-chain driving systems available

Available in various sizes (from 16 to 44 shafts)

Safety guards included and in accordance with the most stringent regulations (OSHA,CSA,CE)

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