Volumetric hopper

Volumetric hopper

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The Volumetric Hopper is used to add a product to a mix (at a certain rate), or for direct bagger feeding. It consists of a conveyor on top of which an accumulation bin is mounted. This bin has three fixed walls and a front gate, which is adjustable in height to control the amount of material coming out of the hopper. The Volumetric Hopper is generally coupled to a variable frequency drive (VFD) which allows for flow rate modifications without having to manually adjust the front gate.

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Custom-designed according to function, handled materials and capacity

Offered in various sizes

Available with belt conveyor or drag chain

Includes safety guards that comply with the most stringent regulations (OSHA,CSA,CE)


With belt or chain conveyor

Flow regulator

Lump breaker

High- and low-level sensors

Rotation detector

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