LH-400 Series

Stretch hooder

Up to 110 LPH
Stretch hooder

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The LH-400 Stretch Hooders are efficient, fully automatic load securing systems initially designed to produce secured pallet loads that are waterproof for outdoor storage. The film hood used by the system exerts vertical and horizontal tension on the load, gently pressing it down onto the pallet, which considerably improves the packaging quality of unstable or heavy loads. The Stretch Hooder can produce between 500 and 700 pallets with a single roll of film: less frequent replacements mean reduced downtime and increased productivity. It works equally well with regular pallets or mixed-load pallets. Unlike other stretch hooders on the market, the LH-400 is entirely designed, engineered, manufactured and serviced in North America. It is robust, durable and built in accordance with North American standards.

LH-400 Stretch Hooders allow you to significantly improve your pallet packaging while offering you great performance and unrivalled reliability.

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Works equally well with mixed loads, regular pallet loads, heavy or unstable loads

Waterproof loads

Easy integration to existing or new pallet conveying systems

500-700 pallets per roll of film

Fully electrical


Lateral film roll loading

Multi-roll design for automatic selection (multiple load sizes)

Load centering device at infeed for realignment

Load lifting device allowing the hood to snap under the pallet

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