RPZ-900 Series

Robot Case Palletizer

Up to 12 units per minute per unit (with one infeed conveyor)

Main benefits

Design quality

Optimized configuration to facilitate handling of several products at a time.


Can be adapted accordingly to production standards and processes.


Designed to reduce difficult manual labor.

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The RPZ-900 Series centralized robot case palletizer allows to simultaneously palletize different SKU’s according to their content, on different pallets. The RPZ-900 palletizer is an integrated system including conveyors, bar code scanners and one or multiple robotic arms. Originally developed for the food market, the centralized palletizing system complies with industry standards with regard to both low temperature and sanitary materials.

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Stainless steel construction

Solution for multiple products

HMI via Allen-Bradley Panel View Plus 1000 color touch screen with user friendly operation

From 7 (RPZ-910) to 13 (RPZ-920) pallet stations

Optimized foot print

Optimized configuration to facilitate the continuous handling of several products at a time

Quick changeover of palletizing patterns through stored recipes

Requires minimal cleaning and maintenance

Expandable design


Empty pallet and slip sheet handling by the robot itself

Vision system for “intelligent” palletizing

Possibility of having several robots depending on the speeds required and the number of different products