LB Series

Lump Breakers

Lump Breakers

Main benefits


Breaking down friable lumps back into usable powder ensuring product quality.

Design Quality

The retrofit ability of this product within an existing installation provides an easy fix to an unforeseen problem.

Cost efficiency

Waste saving by reprocessing lumps back into good usable material.

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Not to be confused with the more common “Mill” used to grind hard materials into powder, the Lump breaker is designed to handle fragile or “friable” materials. Typically, these materials will have started out as powders but agglomerated into lumps by outside actions such as compaction, vibration, humidity, temperature change etc. 

As a very rough guide consider the following:

  1. Will my lump easily break in the hand?
  2. Will the lump break if dropped from waist or shoulder high?
  3. Will the lump break if tapped lightly with a std 0.5kg/ 1 lb hammer? 
  4. What about a sledgehammer? (Maybe my lumps need grinding)

If you answered yes to points 1 to 3 above, there is a very good chance our lump breaker will solve the problem. However, if you said yest to point 4, you may need something more aggressive to grind the lumps to powder. Common materials handled are sugar, salt, nitrates, boric acid, and other hygroscopic materials that are often sodium or potassium based.

Bulk materials

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Heavy duty reliable design

Full enclosed dust free operation


Available in carbon steel and stainless steel

Removable discharge screen with different apertures to suit

Replaceable hardened rotor blades