Open-mouth bag filling machine

PTS Series | Open-Mouth Baggers

Open-mouth bag filling machine
    Production Rate Up to 22 BPM
    Length: 221" (5620 mm)
    Width: 162" (4102 mm)
    Height: 95" (2400 mm)
    * PTH-1300 model
    Bag materials Paper, polyethylene, polywoven
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    The PTS Series Open-Mouth Bagging Machine are high-speed bagging machines designed for bagging all types of free-flowing materials into polyethylene, paper or polywoven open-mouth bags. These bagging machines can handle pillow-type or side-gusseted bags of various sizes at up to 22 BPM.

    The compact design of the PTS Series Open-Mouth Baggers allows for an easy fit in tight spaces, and facilitates, among others, maintenance operations and bag reloading. All of these bagging machines are equipped with a bag detection system on the spout, which greatly increases the cleanliness of the equipment during operation.

    Open-mouth bagger | Automatic bagging machine
    Open-mouth bagger | Automatic bagging machine
    Open-mouth bagger | Bag opener and placer
    Open-mouth bag filling machine
    Open-mouth bagging machine | Automatic bagger

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    • Multiple-stack bag magazine for great operating autonomy and fast reloading
    • Fast and simple bag size changeover
    • Stainless steel contact parts
    • Small footprint


    • Bag closing system
    • Product settling device
    • Aspiration ducts