complete screening line

Complete Screening Line

SLOOTWEG | Screening Line

Main benefits



Reliable and table solution to secure the highest quality of screening for all type of material such as peat moss, compost, soil, bark, wood chips and more.



Designed according to customer needs in terms of capacity, fractions, working hours.



User-friendly operation and maintenance in a safe working environment.

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Premier Tech specialty in custom-designed and manufactured screening line systems allows meeting every customer’s production requirements by determining the optimum layout, number, size and type of screening/shredding equipment, as well as the level of automation and flexibility needed. Every project has its own specifications and our solutions for complete screening line can be adapted to virtually any environment and organic product such as peat moss, substrates, soils and mulch, coco coirs, wood products, and more. Depending on your needs, we offer equipment such as star screeners, drum screeners feeding systems, shredders, mills, conveying systems, magnet, etc. Their purpose is to separate material by size, a process which allows sorting good product from rejects that can be disposed of or reprocessed through a size reducing equipment either offline or integrated to the line. With a strong legacy from Slootweg Machinefabriek, we have more than 90 years of experience in the industry.