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When it comes to procurement, the team of experts at Premier Tech cultivates a flexible approach with a focus on your needs.  We always recommend the most valuable solutions for your project.  We can help you with:


Cleaning & sorting

  • Sorting systems
  • Cleaning facilities
  • Seed conditioning line
  • Parent soybean facility
  • Parent corn seed facility
  • Batch treater installation


  • Commercial seed dryer
  • Small lot box dryer
  • Single pass reversing seed dryer
  • Fluidized bed dryer

Bulk storage

  • In-ground bulk bin system
  • Above ground square bulk storage
  • Above ground round bin bulk storage
  • Soybean bulk storage tanks


  • Bulk packaging systems
  • Automated box filling system
  • Flexible packaging
  • Rigid packaging
  • Palletizing & depalletizing
  • Pallet wrapping and hooders
material handling

Material handling

  • Dust control systems
  • Case and lightweight unit conveyors
  • Pallet and heavy load conveyors
  • Weighing & feeding equipment
  • Vision inspection system