OML-1140 Series

High-speed open-mouth bagging machine

Up to 25 BPM
High-speed open-mouth bagging machine

Main benefits


Optimal for high-production capacity with minimal bag handling time.


Easy to operate, easy to run. Intuitive operation screen. Easy and quick bag changeovers.


Optimal flexibility with modular platforms to suit various application and able to run any bag type and material.

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The OML-1140 High-Speed Open-Mouth Bagging Machine is a unique, advanced, fast and versatile bagging equipment. This high-speed system, designed for bagging powdered or granular materials into open-mouth bags, has no equivalent on the market. The operating principle of this bagger makes it one of the fastest bagging machine in the world.  It can handle a wide variety of products and bags for optimal flexibility.

Bulk materials

Bag types

Client success

"After the machines were installed, our data indicated a significant performance boost of almost 300%."

Our customers


Minimal bag handling time to allow high speed operation

Total control of the bag during the entire cycle

Programmable logic controller (PLC) with user-friendly, touch-sensitive operator interface for easy troubleshooting and error code reading

Multiple-stack bag magazine for great operating autonomy fast and easy reloading


Full Stainless steel version for highly corrosive environment

Double-walled, dust-tight spout

Tool-less changeover for multiple bag sizes

Bag kicker or in-line turner

Bag closing systems

Weighing system