Bulk bag and sack unloading systems

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Our full selection of bulk bag unloaders comes with sack dump stations integrated, which is ideal for situations where:

  • A complete recipe arrives in different packaging types but needs to be decanted into the same downstream process.
  • Two companies supply the same raw ingredient, one in bulk bags and the other in sacks.
  • Reclaimed material must be reintroduced into the process.

The combined unit also provides a smaller overall footprint and the ability for your system to grow with your production.

Bulk materials: flakes, granules, pellets, and powders

Bag types: bulk bags, sacks

Bulk bag hanging



Our systems have the flexibility to handle bulk bags or sacks.

Design Quality

The combined unloading system offers a small footprint for installation in congested locations.

Cost efficiency

Providing dust free emptying of bulk bags and sacks, keeping the operator safe and the environment clean.


  • Bag flow-stop
  • Integrated dust extraction system
  • Weighing and metering systems
  • Conveying systems


Forklift and hoist loading

Bulk bag unloading

Combined Sack tipping station

Certified Lifting Frames

Bag massaging or hopper to promote flow

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