Bulk bag unloaders with massagers

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The BBU Series Bulk bag unloaders offer a range of standard models - BBU1, BBU2, and BBU3 - that can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

These bulk bag unloaders can handle big bags containing dry granular, flaked, or powder materials. They come equipped with bag massaging systems, simple support trays, and a fully sealed telescopic bag clamp.

Our bulk bag unloaders are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, and dairy industries and in situations where high containment is necessary for handling hazardous materials.

Model BBU 1 is designed to handle easy, free flowing materials without dust, like seeds, grains, plastic pellets and other granular materials. A simple tray and bag outlet chute provide safe operator interface and containment.

Model BBU 2 incorporates our Bag Massaging system complete with Telescopic chute and bag clamp. This system is ideal for medium to difficult flowing materials and offers 100% containment when emptying bulk bags. Ideal for fine powders, applications where high levels of hygiene are required, or high containment for hazardous or combustible dusts.

Model BBU 3 is similar to BBU2, offering the same high level of containment, but more suited to medium flowing materials using a simple vibration tray instead of bag massaging.

Our systems are designed to fully contain the material by clamping the bag spout to the telescopic chute. The telescopic chute can be raised for easy bag connection and clamping, then lowered to tension the bag, eliminating creases and folds and ensuring a clear path for the material to exit the bag.

These models can be loaded using a hoist or a forklift for bulk bags. Our systems are designed to ensure the operator's safety by providing support for the bulk bag from top to bottom and using certified lifting devices.

Bulk materials: flakes, granules, pellets, and powders

Bag types: bulk bags



Our systems have the flexibility to handle all types of bulk bags.


Standards compliant to local lifting codes.

Cost efficiency

100% containment providing dust free emptying of bulk bags keeping the operator safe and the environment clean.


  • Bag flow-stop
  • Combined sack dump station
  • Integrated dust extraction system
  • Weighing and metering systems
  • Conveying systems


Forklift and hoist loading

Suitable for different bag sizes

Certified lifting frames

Bag massaging systems to promote flow

Telescopic inlet chute with clamp for 100% containment

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