Entry-level palletizing robot

The RPL-1000 Series is Premier Tech’s most affordable and simple palletizing robot. Engineered to use the lowest space in your facility, loads are built directly on the floor from a single production line. The result is increased productivity and decreased labor costs.

Flexible and easy-to-maintain, it handles cases, trays, and totes of various shapes and sizes with speed and reliability.

Speed: up to 20 units per minute

Applications: carton boxes, cases, trays, and totes

Price: $$$$$

Features and benefits

No compromise between speed and safety

The RPL-1000 Series is the first step to automating your manual operations and providing a safe working environment for your employees.

Our dependable, accurate, and robust palletizing machines reduce work-related accidents associated with heavy lifting and repetitive motions.

  • Flexible and reliable FANUC robot with Dual Check Safety
  • Robust robot end effector adapted to your applications
  • Safety fences and light curtains
  • Low noise level

Increased productivity while optimizing your plant layout

The RPL-1000 Series maximizes the square footage of your facility and can be configured to fit in confined spaces.

It produces constantly stable loads directly on the floor. Up to three pallets per stacking position can be housed, reducing the operator's time spent in the cell.

  • Built with high-quality components for low-cost maintenance
  • Quick installation and commissioning

Intuitive and easy to operate

The integrated operating software offers accurate and consistent positioning of boxes and rigid cases.

Operators can easily add, edit, change patterns, and perform product changeovers quickly without programming skills.

  • User-friendly layer and pallet building software, Pattern Expert, with pre-stored recipes for quick changeovers
  • Numerous layer configurations

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How the 1000 Series palletizers work

robotic palletizer premier tech
  1. The lift truck or pallet jack operator places the pallet on the cell floor.
  2. According to the layer pattern, the robot moves boxes from the infeed conveyor to their stacking position.
  3. For the RPL-1111: The robotic palletizing system stops when the load is completed, allowing the lift operator to enter the cell and transfer the load safely.

    For the RPL-1112: When the equipment finishes a load, it pivots to start a second one placed on its other side. In the meantime, the lift driver can enter safely in the cell to get the full load without disturbing the operation.



The 1000 Series comes in two models: RPL-1111 and RPL-1112.

Additional options

The RPL-1000 Series can be equipped with various options to fit your specific palletizing requirements.

  • Vacuum or clamp end effector to fit your cases' special requirements
  • Slip, top or tier sheet handed by the robot
  • Stainless steel components for food industry requirements
  • Integration with third-party printers, labelers, pallet traceability, and more

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"End-effector design is a very critical aspect in terms of robot integration into a process and you guys are the best of the best in my opinion at doing that."

Gerald Lambert
Executive Vice President of Operations, TW Garner Foods

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