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The RPL-4000 Series provides the highest production rate which is ideal for new factory buildings or warehouses facing volume increases. Our cells make your business more efficient and safer for your workers.

The equipment's design allows the robot to focus solely on stacking the incoming products. The other tasks, such as dispensing the pallets and the sheets, are handled automatically by independent equipment.

Full loads exit without the robot's intervention, enabling continuous palletizing operations and increased throughputs.

Speed: from 20 to 80 units per minute

Applications: carton boxes, cases, trays, and totes

Price: $$$$$

Features and benefits

Increased capabilities

The RPL-4000 Series’ performance lies in the fully automatic and independent systems that feed pallets, position slip sheets, and remove complete loads without the robot’s intervention, reducing downtime considerably.

This packaging line can be integrated upstream to our bagging and packing solutions, as well as downstream to our pallet wrapping and conveying equipment for optimal automation.

  • Durable and low-maintenance components
  • An automatic pallet dispenser that can house different pallet sizes

Versatile robot gripper

To grasp the full potential of the 4000 Series, Premier Tech’s end effectors are designed and selected with the utmost care to ensure proper handling and protection of your product. 

Various end-of-arm tools allows for flexibility and accuracy, creating a system that meets your specific crate, box, tote, and tray palletizing needs. 

  • FANUC robot selected for their steady performance, speed, and flexibility.

Enhanced workplace safety

Protecting your employees and your investment is imperative. Premier Tech palletizing machines are equipped with a wide range of security features to lower the risk of equipment damage while ensuring the safety of your people.

  • High safety fences with interlocked access doors
  • Light curtains
  • Safety management software

Complete palletizing control

Providing a safe work environment is primordial but having secure loads when moving products or creating high stacks is crucial.

Using Pattern Expert, the software integrated into the robot controller, the operators can build sturdy loads. Pattern Expert gives the ability to choose from pre-stored recipes or create and edit patterns easily without prior programming skills.

  • 3D visualisation for easy operations, fault detection and troubleshooting.
  • Available in English, French, and Spanish.

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How the RPL-4000 Series palletizers work

Robotic palletizer bags RPL-4111 pallet view
  1. The forklift driver brings empty pallets to the pallet magazine positioned outside the cell.
  2. A pallet is automatically and mechanically dispensed and positioned on the conveyor. If required, a slip sheet is applied.
  3. The robot starts to form the layers with the incoming cases.
  4. When a load is completed, it exits through the motorized conveyor. At the same time, a new pallet is being dispensed to its stacking position.
  5. The robot continues palletizing.



Each model comes with an automatic pallet dispenser that positions the pallet to the desired stacking position on the motorized conveyor.

Additional options

The RPL-4000 Series can be equipped with various options to fit your specific palletizing requirements.

  • For maximum speed, an automatic slip or top sheet dispenser can be added so the robot can focus solely on palletizing
  • Stainless steel components to meet sanitary requirements and facilitate cleaning
  • Integration with third-party printers, labelers, pallet and product traceability, and more
  • Multiple infeed conveyor configurations to meet your desired production rate
  • Stand-alone operating station which can be located anywhere along your production line

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Premier Tech offers unbeatable services and support throughout the lifecycle of your equipment.

“The robot pays for itself over time and starts to produce real gains and savings for the company.”

Luiz Parente
Industrial Engineering Manager, Fresenius Medical Care

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