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Canada & USA and Latin America

The RPL-9000 Series offers customized palletizing systems for virtually any application that our normal cells cannot meet. The variety of layout configurations is endless, allowing for flexible cells that fit your needs.

Our wide choice of versatile end-of-arm tooling handles many kinds of packaging materials. These include bags, cases, jugs, drums, thermoformed trays, shrink-wrap bundles, and oversized products.

Speed: custom

Applications: custom

Price: $$$$$

Features and benefits

Completely customizable

Palletizing robots from the RPL-9000 Series can be configured to locate and pick various products and place them on the appropriate stacking stations according to your:

  • Production lines speed
  • Pallet configurations
  • Processes
  • Available space
  • Special requirements

The variety of robot end effectors enables flexibility, safe handling, and precise positioning of products.

  • World-class renowned FANUC robotic arm
  • Optimized configuration to reduce footprint and facilitate the handling of several products simultaneously
  • Intuitive operator interface:
    • Available in English, French, and Spanish
    • Pre-stored recipes for quick pattern changes
    • 3D visualization for easy operations, fault detection, and troubleshooting

Engineered with safety in mind

The RPL-9000 Series handles the repetitive, tedious, and cumbersome jobs related to manual palletizing with consistency, reliability, and safety. The cells are equipped with mandatory safety hardware to protect your employees from work-related injuries.

The custom palletizer machine can also be integrated with traceability features. These ensure inventory management, regulatory compliance, and fast removal of the affected product from the marketplace.

  • Safety fences, interlocking doors, light curtains, and collision guard software included

A Quick ROI

The RPL-9000 robotic palletizers speed up production rates and improve packaging efforts for a quick return on investment.

They provide a considerable tool to address challenges associated with manual labor, such as workforce shortage, injuries, and product mishandling, while significantly improving production outputs.

  • High integration level with your current lines
  • Built with high-quality components for low-cost maintenance

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Additional options

The RPL-9000 Series can be equipped with various options to fit your palletizing requirements:

  • A custom engineered robotic end of arm tooling for atypical applications
  • Additional robots according to your speed and product requirements
  • Robotic or mechanical handling of all types of pallets and slip sheets
  • 3D Vision system for load detection, multi-SKUs palletizing, or product quality control
  • Integration with third-party barcode scanners, printers, labelers, and pallet ID
  • Stainless steel components to meet sanitary needs and facilitate cleaning

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