High-quality solution for cost-effective production

The Russian Peat Group owns several plants in central Russia (Ivanovo, Vologda and Yaroslavl regions) and specializes in peat extraction and processing. Russian Peat manufactures a wide range of growing media products for commercial growers and hobby gardeners. We also produce peat for heat-electric power stations. In season, we employ more than 700 skilled workers and stock approximately 40 million tons of peat in our Ivanovo depot, 100 million tons in the Vologda region, and 80 million tons in Yaroslavl.

Our primary objective is to provide our customers with products that exceed their expectations. To do so, we began building a modern, high-production processing plant in the Ivanovo region in 2002. At that time, we were looking for fully integrated systems designed to fit our needs. In other words, we wanted the best cost-effective equipment. We visited many suppliers and their customers. Premier Tech's Industrial Equipment Group (IEG) turned out to be the best choice because its systems are fully automated, built according to the latest technologies, and very competitively priced.

Also very attractive was the fact that IEG builds these systems based on its own peat processing experience. Its engineering team was the first to develop its own automated modules, and we believed that their know-how in the peat industry would help us with our activities. Our only concern was the availability of spare parts, but time has shown that we had nothing to fear since the components we need are always delivered promptly. In addition, we would like to sincerely thank Marc Peray, Sales Manager in Europe. Mr. Peray always gives top priority to our concerns and questions.

Ever since our first packaging line was implemented two years ago, the equipment and services provided by IEG have always been of the very best quality. Product development, continuous quality control and high-quality equipment are the factors that make Russian Peat products stand out from the rest. These have allowed our company, which has been in the peat product industry for a relatively short time, to become a quality supplier and deliver superior products at competitive prices.

We are considering several other projects with IEG in the future and know that our success together will continue in the years to come.

Eduard Daykhin
General Director
Russian Peat