Reliable solutions for brand new factory

In 2000, Norwegian company Degernes Torvstrøfabrikk bought an automated EM-600R1 baler from Premier Tech's Industrial Equipment Group (IEG). It was the beginning of a long and friendly partnership. Degernes Torvstrøfabrikk is a family company and medium-sized peat producer run by Ragnar and Brit N. Halvorsen. Because of the size of the company, Brit and Ragnar are of course involved in all types of daily activities and decisions

They also had a dream and a goal to build a new and more efficient factory. “In 2004, we started putting ideas on paper. In January 2005, after several months and a lot of discussions and meetings, we finally signed an agreement. The decision was made based on the trust in IEG’s ability to supply the best and most reliable solutions.” As Ragnar said, “The EM-600R1 baler is the only piece of equipment I have bought which has been operating well since day 1.” The close relationship we have to this day also gave the Halvorsens the confidence to implement this project. The size of the project was enormous, and a lot of challenges had to be met, not only with the technology (equipment), but also with the Norwegian winter and landscape (they had to blow a lot of rocks and level the ground for the basement).

But finally, in July 2005, everything was ready on schedule, and IEG started installing the equipment in the new factory, which is certainly the most modern in Norway with fully automated mixing, bagging, baling and palletizing lines. Degernes Torvstrøfabrikk was also the first European company to install the new EM-2000 Mega Baler. “Such installation is not easy and some adjustments had to be made on-site, but IEG’s support has been tremendous and we can now enjoy all the benefits of this new factory,” Brit and Ragnar confirmed.