Retrofits for AP Series

The retrofits that are available for high level bag palletizers optimize your equipment, increase its efficiency, and enables you to benefit from the latest available drives.

AP-400 Series – High Level Bag Palletizers
AP-400 Retrofit VFD Drive Upgrade

VFD drive upgrade

Increase your palletizer’s uptime

The VFD drive has been updated from the Siemens drives to Allen Bradley. The new VFD parameters optimize the equipment’s movements, providing you with the best version of your palletizer. The VFD drive includes the twin belt turner, the layer former and row pusher as well as the elevator.

Retrofit main benefits

  • Optimized equipment
  • Minimized downtime
  • Updated drives


AP-400 Series-Retrofit-HMI upgrade

HMI upgrade

Enhance your packaging equipment

The new PV-700 panel view is more powerful than its predecessor and has an expanded memory. Please note that the PV-550 and PV-600 have been phased out by Allen Bradley and could cause unwanted downtime if either of them fails.

Retrofit main benefits

  • Expanded memory
  • Faster processor
  • Language compatibility
  • Intuitive interface
  • Fully touchscreen


AP-400 Series Retrofit Elevator VFD and Motor

Elevator VFD and motor

Improve your palletizer’s efficiency

This retrofit replaces the double speed 7.5hp gearmotors, which are now obsolete, with the 10hp motor with variable frequency drive (VFD). It makes it easier and quicker to change pallets, contributing to an increase in overall throughput. This retrofit is compatible with every AP-425 before 2013.

Retrofit main benefits

  • Better gearmotor efficiency
  • Quicker pallet changeover
  • Better elevator positioning
  • Better control and less vibration


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