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    The Impeller Valve Bag Filler (Jet Flow) Family 800 Series is rugged and cost-effective equipment designed to handle powdered products ranging in particle size from microns to 200 mesh.  Fine powders are constantly and positively impeller-fed which ensures smooth performance and tightly filled bags. This impeller packer is designed for maximum efficiency by entraining less air, which results in faster filling rates and smaller sized bags. 


    800 Series Impeller Valve Bag Filler

    • Heavy Duty Rugged Tubular Welded Frame.  Designed to be used with the High Accuracy IP and GWC-III family of Electronic Weight Controllers.

    820 Series Impeller Valve Bag Filler

    • Angle Welded Frame.  Designed to be used with the Middle Range NXT and MP family of Electronic Weight Controllers.

    801 Series Impeller Valve Bag Filler

    • Angle Welded Frame.  Designed to be used with the DM family of Electronic Weight Controllers  and Mechanical Type Scale Beam Packers.

    Clean Pak Ultrasonic Bag Sealing Series

    • The Clean-Pak Ultrasonic sealer is rigidly mounted to packer frame; bags are not moved until after they are sealed, The Clean Pak Filling, weighing, and Sealing system is fully integrated into a single machine and under a single interface.

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    • Product applications: finely divided inorganic solids like cement, clay, gypsum, lime, talc, sulfur dust and rock products ranging in size from microns to minus 100 mesh.
    • Low-maintenance design: easy side access to impeller and housing liner
    • Economical: cost-effective design
    • Effective product flow path: side screws channel product to impeller
    • Small footprint: multiple machines can be banked together under one bin
    • One person can operate up to three side-by-side packers
    • Choice of left or right hand models and multiple configurations allowing installation in tight spaces


    • Electronic Weight Controller
    • Variable Frequency Drive – allows tuning of the machine for optimal performance with different products
    • Automatic start, powered bag discharge
    • Bag de-aerating delay
    • Product supply column
    • Swirl Filling Tube Cleanout – product on scale is moved to the bag for best accuracy and cleanest operation
    • Inflatable Sealer – closes off the gap between the filling tube and the bag’s valve to minimize dusting during fill

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