VF MB Series

Manual bagger with volumetric feeder

Up to 35 BPM
Manual bagger with volumetric feeder

Main benefits


High efficient product level detectors to control product accumulation in the hopper and to prevent partially filled bags.


Built for continuous operation 24 hours/day, 365 days/year under tough industrial working conditions.

Design quality

Heavy-duty and robust, offers easy and low cost maintenance.

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The VF Series Manual Bagger (by volume) is a heavy-duty bagging system designed to handle organic products or aggregates. It combines a manual foot-controlled bag holding system and a volumetric feeder for organic products or aggregates (depending on customer’s needs). This manual bagging system is easy to upgrade to an automatic one by replacing the manual foot-controlled bag holding system with a fully automatic form, fill and seal bagger. Depending on the product’s characteristics and bag sizes, it can reach up to 35 BPM.

In brief, The VF Series Manual Bagger is a reliable and cost-effective solution that can help you reach higher productivity.

Our customers


Foot-controlled bag holding system (different bag sizes available)

Consistent product feed through a quick-action, pneumatic flow control gate

Clean and dust-free operation

Highly efficient product level detectors that prevent partially filled bags


Servomotor drive for the conveyor

Variable speed drives for infeed line control

Wear liners

Operator access platform

Size-adjustable filling chute

Exit conveyor