Powder Conveying Equipment

When you need to move powders there are many options available and deciding between mechanical or pneumatic conveying may seem difficult to navigate. The decision may come down to a combination of what throughput is required, the distance to convey, space available, efficiency required or the level of investment available. Material characteristics such as abrasiveness, fragility, cohesiveness, or combustibility will also influence the decision. Our conveying experience will guide you to choosing the most appropriate conveyor for your application. We have supplied systems for conveying from 100 kg/hr to 300 tonnes/hr and nearly 1 km long.

K2M Series


  • Simple heavy-duty designs suitable for up to 6tph
  • Suitable for conveying distances up to 200m
KT Series

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyor

  • Heavy duty design, ideal for abrasive powders and conveying up to 200 tph
  • Ideal for conveying long distances efficiently, up to 1000m
Dense Phase Conveyor
Scirocco II

Scirocco Air-Slide Hose

  • Perfect for conveying fine powders, around corners at high through-puts
  • Heavy duty design and easy to install
Scirocco Air-Slide Hose
KV Series

Vacuum Conveying

  • Simple clean design suitable for up to 6tph
  • For conveying distances up to 40m
Vacuum Conveying
HORI Series

Wing Compressor

  • Heavy duty blowers for road tankers
  • Quiet, low temperature and oil free air
Wing Compressor
AMC Series

Aero Mechanical Conveyor

  • For dust free transfer of powders and granules
  • High through-puts with low power
Aero Mechanical Conveyor
KLP Series

Positive Pressure Conveying

  • Conveying capacities of up to 20tph
  • For conveying distances up to 10m, with single or multiple inlet and outlets
Positive Pressure Conveying

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