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September 13, 2018

field tech

There are many reasons and situations that may require a service technician to visit your factory—from installing machines and performing maintenance to carrying out emergency repairs. In all cases, it is essential to take full advantage of having an expert present on your site. A visit should be productive, informative and effective in order to be profitable.

Before the visit
Plan 15 minutes

The first step is to prepare the information about the machine including its history in terms of usage and optimization, its technical specialties, etc. The more information the technician has at his disposal, the more you stand to benefit from the visit.  Furthermore, it is extremely useful for technicians to understand your needs and expectations. Not only will this ensure that they are able to fully meet your requirements, but you will also save both time and money. As soon as the technician receives the information, he can assemble the documentation and equipment that he will need for the visit. Thanks to this simple preparation, he will already be able to begin resolving the problem.

Customers can make a list of problems, aims and requirements and send it to their contact. A phone conversation with a service technician before he arrives at the factory is also very efficient. -John Marcotte, Technical Support Technician

To ensure that the technician’s visit is as efficient as possible, you can make sure that the necessary space and equipment are available as soon as he arrives. Setting up a simple table on which he can arrange his equipment can save him time—time that could be put to use to train your staff, for example. In addition, reserving a time slot for your operators or maintenance personnel to enable them to meet the technician is a good practice to adopt. Why not take advantage of the presence of an expert to allow members of your team to ask questions?

During the visit
Communication is the key to success.

We understand that the customer may have some uncertainties and even frustrations. It is my job to solve his problems and especially to reassure him.
Chad E. Rindahl, Service Technician
In order to gain the most from a visit, all technicians are agreed: Communication is the key to a successful visit. Welcome them by explaining how your factory works and the safety measures employed. Briefly familiarize them with the environment. They will appreciate being shown around the factory so they can see the location of the machines, the toilets and where to find the equipment that they can use. This simple yet essential step saves them time and makes them feel instantly at ease, enabling them to focus on carrying out their work efficiently.

Once they have been shown around, it is useful for the technicians to be put in contact with your machinery experts.  Conversations are more productive and the visit more worthwhile when operators and maintenance personnel share information and experiences related to the machines.

After the visit
Stay in contact

Service technicians take their responsibilities seriously. Therefore, receiving news after a visit, be it good or bad, is an important retroactive element to successfully completing their work. Whether to express your appreciation or dissatisfaction, to inform the technician that the machine is working well or to ask questions relating to the service report, your comments are always welcome. The questionnaire relating to the technician’s visit is also a good way to share your experience. Technicians are constantly thinking about how to improve their services, and your comments act as a positive driver of change.

Did you know?

Organizing a visit in advance saves up to 40% on the hourly rate of a technician.

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