Cookie Packaging Machines

Premier Tech (PT) manufactures secondary and tertiary machines for packaging cookies to automate your case packing, palletizing and pallet wrapping operations. Whether your cookies are packaged in a box, a bag, a tray or any other type of container, PT can help automate the packaging operations that follow the primary packaging phase of your product.

Premier Tech manufactures both standard and customized cookie packaging machines. For case packing automation, the RPK Series Robotic Case Packer is one of the most versatile systems, able to pack almost any type of product into cases. If you want to automate your palletizing operations, PT offers both robotic palletizers and conventional palletizers that can stack up to 200 units per minute. For pallet wrapping solutions, PT has several options that can wrap up to 100 loads per hour. Depending on the speed required and the stability of your pallet loads, Premier Tech has different pallet wrappers to suggest.

See below a comprehensive list of cookie packaging machines. For more information, just click on any product that you are interested in.