Retrofits for AR Series

Robotic palletizers can benefit from many equipment upgrades. These retrofits have been redesigned to provide better equipment efficiency and reduce maintenance.

AR Series – Robotic Palletizers
AR Series Retrofit Pattern Expert

Pattern expert

Upgrade your palletizer

The new pattern expert upgrade includes exclusive Premier Tech designs for easy local and remote support. The new interface makes it easier to use and increases the efficiency of any pallet pattern modification or creation. It has a very fast learning curve and makes it easy to do mixed loads.

Retrofit main benefits

  • Better efficiency
  • Intuitive design
  • User-friendly


AR Series Retrofit Fan kits

Fan kits

Upgrade your palletizer

The J1, J2 and J3 fan kits are available to continuously cool down your Fanuc robot. This upgrade is often installed when production levels go up and the robot’s capacity is increased as well as when the ambient temperature is higher than expected.

Retrofit main benefits

  • Increased capabilities
  • Reduced maintenance


AR Series Retrofit Pivot brackets

Pivot brackets

Increase your palletizer’s longevity

The new pivot bracket retrofit replaces the finger and side plates arm support of current finger grippers. This retrofit provides better flow control for smoother movement and has a longer component lifetime.

Retrofit main benefits

  • Better fluidity
  • Increased lifetime of components
  • Reduced maintenance


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