Compression Baggers

Premier Tech is among the the most important manufacturer of compression baggers in the world.  With the acquisition of Machinerie Verville in 2006, Premier Tech became one of the most important compression bagger manufacturer in the world. Thanks to its comprehensive range of compression bagging machine, Premier Tech is able to supply compression baggers for manufacturers of wood shavings, peat moss, insulation materials, etc.

No matter the size of your project and your budget, Premier Tech can provide you with the fastest and the most reliable compression baggers available in the industry.

HAT Series

Bag placer for compression baggers

  • Designed to automatically place bags made from tubular film onto radial balers
  • Seal bags to produce hermetic bales
Up to 3 BPM
HVS-180 Series

Insulation bagging machine

  • For products such as fiberglass, ceramic fiber insulation, wood fiber, etc.
  • Produces 2.5 ft³ –4 ft³ bales
Up to 3 BPM
Insulation bagging machine
HVS-400 Series

Form fill and seal insulation bagger

  • For cellulose
  • Produces 2 ft³ –4.5 ft³ bales
Up to 7 BPM
Form fill and seal insulation bagger

High-speed compression baler

  • For compressible materials such as peat moss, wood shavings, alfalfa and hemp
  • Handles plastic, ready-made or tubular bags
Up to 6.5 BPM
High-speed compression baler VP-415

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