Bag palletizer

Bag palletizer



    Main benefits



    Increased speed with counterweight on the elevator. Flexible and precise equipment with technological bag turning devices ensuring high-speed operations.



    User-friendly touch screen for intuitive operations and pattern edition/creation.



    Rugged construction intended for continuous operations. Designed for harsh environment.

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    The AP Series High Level Automatic Palletizers are designed and built to automatically stack bags, bales and boxes squarely and efficiently on a pallet. There are three different models from the AP Series that can suit your specific needs. 

    The AP Series High Level Palletizers can greatly increase your palletizing efficiency and production rate while reducing costly downtime and injuries. They are built as highly efficient solutions for :

    • Palletizing bags
    • Palletizing cases
    • Palletizing trays
    • Palletizing bales

    MODEL AP-440

    The new Model AP-440 from Premier Tech AP Series raises the industry’s standards to a higher level with its exceptional performance. Indeed, this new High-Level Automatic Palletizer provides the highest quality on the market, with speeds up to 40 bags per minute. The main performance-enhancing feature of the AP-440 is the servomotor-driven bag pushers, which improve speed, flexibility and precision. Servomotors are also used on the newly-designed turner-indexer, ensuring more accurate bag positioning and better control, thereby improving the quality of the finished pallet.

    MODEL AP-435

    The AP-435 High Level Palletizer is designed for applications reaching up to 35 bags per minute on a regular 5-bag pattern. This high-speed operation can be reached by using our innovative turning system called "TWIN BELT". This high level palletizer uses 2 belts to turn the units, one going faster than the other which will make the units rotate 90 or 180 degrees without completely stopping them. The AP-435 High Level Palletizer includes 2 row pushers and a high-speed elevator to attain such production capacity.

    MODEL AP-425

    The AP-425 High Level Palletizer is designed for applications reaching up to 25 bags per minute on a regular 5-bag pattern. This high level palletizer uses the standard flaps overhead turning device capable of 90- and 180-degree rotations providing gentle package handling and high accuracy.  The AP-425 High Level Palletizer includes one row pusher and a two-speed elevator to achieve this production capacity.

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    Client success

    "The Premier Tech in the long term is going to influence us to actually be able to sell a lot more volume, take on more customers and be able to sustain putting out that much product."


    • Fully electric design providing better movement control and a smooth and quiet operation
    • Multiple patterns can be pre-programmed, stored in the PLC and used as needed
    • Multiple layout configurations
    • Little maintenance required
    • High reliability and uptime
    • Low power consumption


    • Bag preparation systems (bag flatteners, square tube conveyors, etc.)
    • Bag quality control systems (checkweighers, metal detection systems, product leak detection systems, etc.)
    • Bag accumulation and rejection systems
    • Sheet dispensers