Bag Palletizing Machine | Bag Palletizer

    The new Model AP-440 from Premier Tech AP Series raises the industry’s standards to a higher level with its exceptional performance. Indeed, this new High-Level Automatic Palletizer provides the highest quality on the market, with speeds up to 40 bags per minute.

    Precision improved

    The main performance-enhancing feature of the AP-440 is the servomotor-driven bag pushers, which improve speed, flexibility and precision. Servomotors are also used on the newly-designed turner-indexer, ensuring more accurate bag positioning and better control, thereby improving the quality of the finished pallet.

    Intuitive and easy to operate

    Operations are now more intuitive, and operator training has been significantly improved with the AP-440’s new, user-friendly multi-language HMI. Bag changeover is achieved in less than a minute, with two clicks on the HMI screen.

    From installation to production in less than a week

    All main modules of the AP-440 were designed to reduce the number of steps required for installation, resulting in a 50% decrease in installation and commissioning time that can now be completed within a single week.

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    • Smallest foot print among 40 bpm palletizers : 20% smaller than the competition
    • Combination of bag turner and bag indexer in the same module reduces the floor space needed
    • From installation to production in less than one week
    • Control panel already attached to the machine for less wiring on-site & Electrical connection with quick-connects
    • All modules are optimized for improved overall speed
    • Exceptional performance thanks to additional servo motors
    • Better control of the bag and more accurate positioning
    • Quicker pallet changeover
    • Low maintenance, quiet noise level and smooth operation


    • Bag preparation systems (bag flatteners, square tube conveyors, etc.)
    • Bag quality control systems (checkweighers, metal detection systems, product leak detection systems, etc.)
    • Bag accumulation and rejection systems
    • Sheet dispensers
    • Production Data Management System

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