Robotic bag palletizers

With hundreds of robotic bag palletizers sold worldwide, Premier Tech has developed industry-leading expertise. Whether you seek higher production rates or need more flexibility, the robotic palletizer fleet of Premier Tech has been developed to meet the unique needs of an ever-evolving industry. We understand that every company faces its own challenges to speed, flexibility and budget, which is why our robotic palletizers for bags and bales are available with different layouts and grippers, giving you a fine-tuned solution that meets all your needs.

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RPW Series

Automatic robot palletizer with stretch wrapper

  • Stacks units directly on a turntable stretch wrapper
  • Handles loose bundles and cases
Up to 24 BPM
Robotic palletizer & wrapper RPW Series CAD
RPL-9000-N Series

Custom Robotic Bag Palletizer

  • Customizable robotic palletizer for virtually any type of bags and bales
Custom speeds
Robotic bag palletizer
RPL-1000-N Series

Entry-Level Robot Bag Palletizer

  • Entry-level palletizer with lower production speed, ideal to get started with robotics
  • Economical upgrade from traditional hand palletizing methods
  • Small footprint: builds on the floor from a single-line system
  • Handles bags, bundles, and bales
Up to 19 BPM
robotic palletizer
RPL-2000-N Series

Fully Automatic Palletizing Robot

  • Cost-effective and space-saving palletizing cell with medium-paced production rates
  • Robotic pallet and slip sheet handling for low maintenance automation
  • Ability to build from two infeed conveyors to two stacking positions and to pick entire rows of products for more speed
  • Handles bags, bundles, and bales
Up to 14 BPM
Palletizing robot

High-speed bag palletizing robot

  • Designed explicitly for high production rates applications
  • Affordable alternative to conventional palletizers
  • Handles bags
Up to 25 BPM
robotic bag palletizer
RPL-4000-N Series

High-Speed Robotic Bag Palletizer

  • High production rates
  • Fully automatic systems to handle pallets and slip sheets for faster cycles.
  • Handles bags, bundles, and bales
Up to 23 BPM
Robotic palletizer RPL-4111 CAD

Hybrid robotic palletizer equipment

  • Engineered for powdery, granular, or products with density variation
  • Ability to overlap, square, and compress layers
  • Combines robotic and conventional palletizing technologies
  • Handles various sizes of bags and bundles
Up to 27 units per minute
Hybrid Palletizer APR-1150 CAD
RPL Series

Robot palletizer for bags

  • Combines innovative engineering with our leading-edge bag preparation and pallet handling technology to offer the best solution for various palletizing applications.
  • Handles bags, bales and, bundles.
Up to 30 BPM

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