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August 27, 2015

Capacity, efficiency, durability and compactness are characteristics that are closely involved with customer’s demand of the present-day bag filling equipment in the granular material industry. To ensure the best set of these four dynamic characteristics, suppliers of bag filling equipment will need to keep innovating.

The most recent innovation is the integration of robots in bag filling systems. Whereas robot integration in palletizing systems have been introduced years ago and for many companies it has become impossible to imagine a packaging line without one, robots in bag filling equipment is still in its infancy.

Looking at the advantages of robots in bag filling systems it is remarkable that robot integration in bag filling equipment only is making its introduction now. The unique set of characteristics which these robots within bag filling systems can offer, meet the highest customer expectations of bag filling equipment available on the market today. In contrast to conventional bag filling systems where small adjustments need to be made regularly to ensure accurate movement, robots offer an unrivalled efficiency and accuracy with every movement for an unprecedented duration of time. Maintenance on these robots is therefore reduced to a minimum which is a lucrative benefit for customers.

PTR-1030 - Open-Mouth Bagging Machine

Only recently, Premier Tech Chronos, introduced the PTR-1030, becoming the first supplier of bag filling systems with robot integration. This versatile bag filling equipment is suitable for dry, free flowing products and is capable of filling bags with a capacity of up to 1.400 bags per hour. Furthermore the robots have the capability of handling different bag types and bag sizes of which the changeover time is only a few minutes. To complete the best set of characteristics a small footprint was taken into account as well meeting the customer’s expectations regarding compactness. With the granular material industry gradually starting to notice there is a bag filling system on the market that is the packaging solution they have been waiting for, Premier Tech Chronos is staying one step ahead of its competition.

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