Safety as a value

Premier Tech believes that its team members are the most valuable resource it can rely on. Accordingly, Premier Tech has taken a series of measures that support daily work towards eliminating the risk of accidents on its production sites. These measures include lockout procedures, workplace inspections, first aid training, mandatory protective equipment, restricted plant access, and emergency plans. Each plant can also count on both a joint committee and a specific team dedicated to occupational health and safety.

A constant concern

The equipment manufactured by Premier Tech is extremely safe. At all stages of product development, the safety of team members, customers, and all people who have access to the equipment remains Premier Tech's primary concern: at the design stage (reducing the risk of hazards), during equipment commissioning, and throughout the entire service life of the equipment (rigorous maintenance and service). Premier Tech’s compliance with the strictest international regulations and desire to eliminate industrial accidents has earned the trust of both customers and their communities.

One step ahead

With regard to safety, Premier Tech consolidates its position as a leader in the field of industrial packaging. In addition to offering its customers the possibility to consult with occupational health and safety specialists, Premier Tech carries out a series of measures that exceed the established standards:

  • Performing risk analyses right from the design stage
  • Providing more reliable guards, electrical circuits, and safety control devices
  • Using safety pictograms on the equipment
  • Providing state-of-the-art safety components (programmable safety relays, system for position and speed check of robots, etc.)
  • Offering the possibility to bleed and lock out all power sources in order to allow safe access to the machines
  • Integrating occupational health and safety measures into the equipment literature


Out to innovate everywhere, at all times

Since the beginning, the experienced and dynamic team of engineers at Premier Tech has diligently used the “art of listening” as one of the most powerful tools in developing its technologies to the fullest. Listening to the customers and asking questions has provided Premier Tech with the end results of what needed to be accomplished in order to conquer various targeted markets within its three business segments (flexible packaging; rigid packaging; bulk processing and field equipment).

At Premier Tech, Innovation, Research, and Development (IR&D) programs contribute to developing brand new technologies and new product options or features and to performing continuous improvement on the existing product lines. These programs provide Premier Tech with the opportunity to “think outside the box” and launch many more innovative products in the marketplace. Most IR&D projects are carried out through a partnership with a customer, thus allowing for the installation of the new technologies inside a real production environment. This facilitates all of the steps towards the maturity of the new equipment and its worldwide marketing.

At Premier Tech, we thrive on innovation. In the past ten years, the company has brought to the industry many leading-edge technologies that are still ahead in the market today. In Premier Tech's vision, more innovations are scheduled to arise in the coming years and change the way you look at packaging.


At Premier Tech, sustainable development is a constant concern. We believe that the preservation and intelligent use of natural resources are social responsibilities that every corporate citizen should assume.

This is why sustainability is an everyday issue in all of Premier Tech’s activities. The company has taken eco-friendly measures with regard to its manufacturing processes, power consumption, and raw material management.

IR&D investments

  • Every year, over 5% of Premier Tech’s sales are reinvested in Innovation, Research and Development (IR&D). This has allowed Premier Tech to design new products and achieve many technological advances. In the last few years, the company’s efforts have been focused on developing innovative, eco-friendly technologies. For example, Premier Tech designed packaging systems that use thinner plastic film or bags, thus allowing customers to gain a competitive edge while reducing their consumption of packaging materials.

Lean approach

  • Premier Tech has implemented Lean Manufacturing in all of its plants. This production practice reduces costs and manufacturing time in addition to eliminating most non-value-added operations. It also reduces the movements of both parts and team members to a minimum. In addition, Premier Tech minimizes the use of both electric and propane lift trucks and additional lifting equipment such as bridge cranes.
  • Premier Tech has adopted state-of-the-art Lean Design techniques that reduce to a minimum the number of parts needed to assemble the equipment. These techniques also favor bolted assemblies, thus reducing welding operations. This sustainable approach has allowed Premier Tech to significantly improve its team members’ work environment by lowering emissions of dust and welding gas. In addition, the manufacturing process uses less electrical power.
  • Premier Tech has modernized its manufacturing lines through the acquisition of a sheet metal cell featuring a laser cutting table and a CNC press brake. This cell has allowed Premier Tech to optimize its steel consumption and thus improve the quality of its parts and equipment while reducing the risk of accidents resulting from handling heavy or cumbersome parts.

Reduction of equipment’s power consumption

  • Use of pneumatic and electrical circuits that require a minimal amount of compressed air and electrical power
  • Equipment switches to a low-power sleep mode during periods of extended inactivity

Plants and buildings

  • Batteries, copper, paint containers and steel waste are recovered
  • Waste heat from compressors is captured and reused in order to reduce power consumption in the plants
  • Paper and cardboard packaging is recycled
  • Waste liquid is recovered
  • Facilities are built in accordance with the principles of energy efficiency (e.g.: installing light control systems)

By taking these small day-to-day steps and promoting eco-friendly initiatives, Premier Tech contributes to the global movement towards a greener economy and, accordingly, to the well-being of current and future generations.

Premier Tech regards sustainable development not only as a fundamental social responsibility, but also as an opportunity to consolidate its leadership and develop the technologies of the future. The company’s environmental awareness prompts it to reduce its ecological footprint while constantly improving its efficiency, creativity and competitiveness. In other words, the green actions taken by Premier Tech contribute to achieving sustainable development both within the company and in the communities in which it operates.