Palletising systems

Premier Tech is a specialist for diverse palletising applications. The product line includes high level gripper head palletiser (so called compact palletiser), gantry palletiser with gripper head technology, robot palletiser, conventional high level palletiser for middle and high range performance. Premier Tech palletising systems are applicable for bags, bales, cases, trays etc. Our systems are perfectly adapted for a wide variety of industries such as food, feed, seeds and crops, lawn and garden, chemicals, minerals, etc. Premier Tech is your single point of contact for all your weighing, bagging, palletising and load securing needs.

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APH Series

Automatic high level bag palletiser

  • For bags and bales
  • High-speed palletizing solution when high rates are required
Up to 40 BPM
Conventional palletizer APH Series CAD
RPL-9000-N Series

Custom Robotic Bag Palletizer

  • Customizable robotic palletizer for virtually any type of bags and bales
Custom speeds
Robotic bag palletizer

High level gripper head palletiser

  • For bags and bales
  • Combines robotic and traditional palletising technology
Up to 40 BPM
High level gripper head palletiser
APH Series

High-speed automated palletizers

  • Different models with various speeds are available according to your specific needs
  • Durable machines that will withstand demanding operations
  • Handles bags, bales, and bundles
Up to 40 units per minute
Conventional palletizer APH-1200 model CAD
RPL Series

Robot palletizer for bags

  • Combines innovative engineering with our leading-edge bag preparation and pallet handling technology to offer the best solution for various palletizing applications.
  • Handles bags, bales and, bundles.
Up to 30 BPM

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