Upgrades & equipment modifications customized to your evolving needs

The Premier Tech optimization team aims to provide you with increased reliability from your equipment by reducing your downtime and increasing your productivity through continuous improvement and innovation. The transformation of older equipment into state-of-the-art equipment increases its lifecycle exponentially. The team is comprised of engineers, project managers and sales application experts who work in partnership with your team to assess any pain points or new objectives, identify solutions, and to recommend upgrades and modifications to achieve the best results.

The optimization team is dedicated to helping you optimize your existing equipment to help you:

  • achieve simpler operations and maintenance
  • new objectives
  • higher output levels
  • throughput and flexibility
  • fit new packaging
  • reduce material loss
  • and more, as your needs and products evolve over its lifecycle.
premier tech optmization

Our extensive IR&D programs have led to the continuous improvement of our equipment over the years, allowing us to perform any modification on both PT and non-PT packaging system configurations, as well as adapt existing equipment to new packaging requirements.

Optimization services

  • Layout optimization
  • Component addition to existing system
  • Moving equipment between facilities
  • Robot program optimization
  • Safety upgrades, PLC conversions
  • VPN remote connectivity
  • Multi-level password access
  • Robot end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) upgrade
  • and more

Optimization components

  • Software upgrades
  • mechanical parts
  • electrical components, or a combination