Hoist & Gripping tools

A hoist lift like you’ve never experienced before.

When you need to handle large containers of various shapes, our electric hoist lifts offer unmatched power and precision. Their ergonomic handle allows for easy one-handed operation while being comfortable for the operator. With variable speed control and a wide selection of gripping tools, our lifts can easily carry anything from large boards to cases and even bags.

Made from premium materials, they can resists bumps in the warehouse and harsh outdoor conditions.

Tawi Wire Hoist

  • Can be outfitted with any number of tools such as a hook, gripper, or vacuum tool
  • The 60 kilos versions can move loads at a blazing 0.75 m/s
  • The heavy lifting version rated at 120 kilos moves loads at 0.35 m/s
Wire Hoist

Tawi Chain Hoist

  • Heavy lifting in the roughest conditions
  • Designed to lift heavy loads up to 1600 kilos
Chain Hoist

Tawi Sheet Gripper

  • Designed to grip large sheets of metal or wood up to 500 kilos
  • Number of suction cups can be reduced or increased for different load types
Sheet Gripper

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