Automatic palletizer machine

AC Series | Bag palletizers

Bale Palletizer
    Production Rate Up to 8 BPM
    Length: 199" (5051 mm)
    Width: 126" (3207 mm)
    Height: 187" (4750 mm)
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    The AC-200 Series Automatic Compact Palletizer combines the advantages of a robotic palletizer with traditional palletizing technology. This compact palletizer features an innovative automatic gripper that guarantees exact positioning of each unit onto the pallet. A four-axis system is used to precisely pick the unit from a pick-up conveyor and place it on the pallet. In its basic version, the empty pallet is manually placed into the machine and the full load is removed with a forklift truck. As an option, automatic pallet handling can be added to the infeed or outfeed of the system.

    Palletizer | Low level palletizer
    Low level palletizer | Palletizer
    Bag palletizer | Palletizer
    Bag palletizer | Palletizer
    Bag palletizer | Palletizer

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    • Cost-effective palletizing solution
    • Safety light curtain controls located at the full pallet’s exit point
    • Maximum design flexibility enabling the equipment to accommodate most operational requirements and layouts
    • System can support up to 15 different stacking patterns
    • Standard components for easy maintenance


    • Automatic pallet dispensing and conveying system
    • Bale tip-over device (pneumatic)
    • Custom grippers for bales, bags, cases, trays