Bag palletizers

Premier Tech bag palletizers are designed to help you reach higher production rates, improve the quality of your pallet loads and reduce employee injuries. These bag palletizers can stack virtually any type of bag and bale of different shapes, sizes and materials. Depending on sizes, stacking patterns and configuration, Premier Tech bag palletizers can handle up to 40 units per minute with precision, resulting in stable, perfectly square pallet loads. We also offer both high-level and low-level bag palletizers, to give you more options depending on your budget, the speed you need and the space available in your plant.

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APH Series

Automatic high level bag palletiser

  • For bags and bales
  • High-speed palletizing solution when high rates are required
Up to 40 BPM
Conventional palletizer APH Series CAD

High level gripper head palletiser

  • For bags and bales
  • Combines robotic and traditional palletising technology
Up to 40 BPM
High level gripper head palletiser
APH Series

High-speed automated palletizers

  • Different models with various speeds are available according to your specific needs
  • Durable machines that will withstand demanding operations
  • Handles bags, bales, and bundles
Up to 40 units per minute
Conventional palletizer APH-1200 model CAD

Hybrid robotic palletizer equipment

  • Engineered for powdery, granular, or products with density variation
  • Ability to overlap, square, and compress layers
  • Combines robotic and conventional palletizing technologies
  • Handles various sizes of bags and bundles
Up to 27 units per minute
Hybrid Palletizer APR-1150 CAD

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