Belt conveyor

Up to 250 FPM
Belt conveyor

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The Belt Conveyor allows the product to ride directly on the belt, which is supported by either a roller bed conveyor section or a slider bed conveyor section. Different configurations for specific applications are available.

Premier Tech also manufactures inclined belt conveyors. These conveyors are equipped with a series of vertical angles to allow nose-over at discharge end and ensure a smooth transfer between inclined and horizontal planes. Inclines are easily adjusted up to 30°. Inclined belt conveyors can also be used as a booster conveyor in gravity flow systems.

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Capacity (weight): 225 lb/ft

Belt Conveyor Width: Std: From 12” to 48” in 3” increment, between frames only

High-speed conveying

Low maintenance requirements

Few spare parts required

Modular and bolted construction

Noiseless operation