V-Belt driven live roller conveyor

Up to 400 FPM
V-Belt driven live roller conveyor

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The V-Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor consists of rollers, driven by a V-belt, which is pushed up against the carrying rollers with snub or pressure sheaves. Various configurations are available: straight conveyor, self-powered curves, slave-driven curves and self-powered spurs. These conveyors allow for several layout options including curves of 90, 60, 45, and 30 degrees.

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Capacity (weight): 150 lb/ft

Conveyor Width: Std: From 12” to 39” in 3” increment, between frames only

Several layout options including curves, extension lengths and junction angles

Several PTO options available

Modular design enables flexible system layout

High-speed merge and take-away configurations capable of speeds up to 400 ft/min

PTOs allow for a reduction in drives