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The In Line Turntable Conveyor is designed to enable 90-degree rotation of a heavy load. Pneumatic air bags and a special linkage mechanism of this turntable conveyor enable accurate and smooth lifting and lowering of pallets, drums, etc.

In-line turntable conveyor | Pallet conveyor
In-line turntable conveyor | Pallet conveyor

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  • Capacity (weight): 3500 lb
  • Conveyor Width: Std: From 36” to 63” in 3” increment, between frames only
  • Speed: 3 revolutions per minute
    Option: Other speeds available
  • Fully bolted system
  • All main unit rollers are driven for positive load movement
  • Seamless integration with other types of pallet conveyors
  • Motor-operated sprocket drive for positive rotation